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  • How often will we communicate?
    We will likely be in touch very frequently during the beginning of our working relationship. Once the plan and strategies are in place, we can speak in real-time, as often as quarterly and as infrequently as annually. But I’m never more than a phone call or email away.
  • What is your process? How do you work?
    I think it is helpful to present my overall process so prospective clients know what to expect. Initial Conversation I am personally committed to my clients so I find it important that they are comfortable with me. Our initial conversation is simply a way for us to become acquainted and to determine whether or not I can add value. And perhaps even more important is that we both feel we “click” with each other. No commitments are made at this stage, but if we both agree to move forward, we will usually progress as follows: 1st Meeting: Information Gathering Prior to this meeting, I will provide clients with a checklist of necessary documents that I need such as copies of trusts and wills, account statements, insurance policies, tax returns, employee benefit statements, etc. This enables me to understand their present financial position. During this meeting, we will also discuss more heartfelt subject matters such as personal goals, aspirations and desires. This personal disclosure is just as important as discussing the financial aspects of the client’s life, as a client’s priorities will drive the overall process. I will develop a comprehensive wealth planning proposal, with the client’s help, prior to our second meeting. 2nd Meeting: Total Wealth Plan Presentation We confirm all financial and non-financial information, and I will then present specific strategies and suggest an order of implementation. 3rd Meeting: Account Paperwork I will prepare all signature-ready paperwork so this step is effortless for the client. 4th + Meeting(s): Strategy Implementation This is where the client’s discipline and commitment are pivotal, as a total wealth plan has no worth if it is not acted upon. I will coordinate as many meetings as necessary to help a client understand and implement the recommended strategies. This may include meetings with the client’s other advisors (attorney, CPA, etc) as well as other Specialists to help better position the client’s success. Ongoing Monitoring/Service A total wealth plan is a living document. Life’s circumstances change constantly and these events will help steer the strategy to meet the client’s needs. I will monitor and adjust the plan to help my clients reach their goals. Ultimately, I want my client’s ideal vision of the future to be one they actually experience, and together we’ll get there.
  • What is your investment philosophy?
    We believe in diversified, long-term focused portfolios that consider what we feel are the two most important factors: time horizon—when you’ll need the money—and your risk tolerance – what’s your comfort level with the inevitable ups and downs of the market. We “stay the course” (we don’t sell) when the market dips as history has shown it is impossible to “time the market.” Mutual funds, exchange-traded funds—both passive and factor-based—bonds, and cash are some of the tools we use to implement the strategies. If there is an individual stock or company you’d like to explore, I’m happy to research it and offer my best advice on whether it is a suitable investment.
  • What is your fee structure?
  • Are you a Fiduciary?
    In an Advisory Relationship (typically Portfolio Management services), we act as a Fiduciary under the Fiduciary Standard set forth by FINRA. Outside of an Advisory Relationship, we work in the best interest of the client following the Securities and Exchange Commission's "Regulation Best Interest." Additionally, the Certified Financial Planner Board’s ethical standards require CFP® professionals to put their client’s interests first.
  • Can you help me if I don’t live in San Diego, CA?
    I have clients throughout the US and if you’re comfortable with virtual meetings (Zoom is perhaps the silver lining of the COVID lockdown), email and phone calls, I can most definitely help you. We can send sensitive documents securely, i.e., encrypted, and new account paperwork can be signed electronically.
  • What services do you offer?
    Investment Management Retirement Planning College Funding Planning Estate Planning (using outside sources) Life and Long-Term Care Insurance Business and Nonprofit Retirement Plans Risk Management Business Succession Planning Philanthropic Services
  • How do I get started with Red Envelope Wealth Management?
    Our initial introductory meeting is free, and neither of us is obligated. We are simply learning about each other (I only work with kind people) and ensuring we will be able to help you and add value to your financial picture. Most important is that we both feel comfortable beginning what will likely be a long-term relationship.
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