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Why Red Envelope?


Red Envelope Wealth Management holds a special significance for Chris Lowe, stemming from two formative events in his life.

Firstly, during the Chinese New Year dinners hosted by his grandmother, Chris observed the tradition of adults gifting "Lai See" or red envelopes, filled with symbolic amounts of money, to children while imparting wishes of prosperity. These red envelopes symbolize not only financial fortune but also good health, luck, and happiness.

Secondly, in 7th grade, Chris' math teacher introduced the class to the stock market by initiating an exercise where they tracked the gains and losses of an imaginary portfolio. This exposure ignited Chris' passion for investing and personal finance.

Combining these influences, Chris envisioned Red Envelope Wealth Management as an office rooted in the values of prosperity, good fortune, and financial well-being, drawing upon both cultural traditions and a lifelong fascination with the world of finance.

About Chris

Chris Lowe, the founder of Red Envelope Wealth Management, holds nearly three decades of experience in guiding clients through their financial journeys. With a lifelong passion for investing and personal finance, Chris has dedicated his career to this singular pursuit.

At Red Envelope Wealth Management, Chris employs a plan-based approach, collaborating closely with his clients to identify their unique financial aspirations. Whether it's securing a comfortable retirement or achieving other financial milestones, Chris prioritizes understanding his clients' goals to tailor strategies that best suit their needs.

A hallmark of Chris's practice is his bespoke approach, allowing him to provide personalized attention to each client. As the primary portfolio manager, clients can trust that their financial affairs are overseen directly by Chris himself. When reaching out to Red Envelope Wealth Management, clients can expect to speak directly with Chris, ensuring clear and direct communication every step of the way.

While Chris' clientele predominantly consists of individuals nearing or already enjoying retirement, he also specializes in assisting women who are divorced or widowed. Additionally, Chris finds great fulfillment in mentoring the younger generation, helping individuals in their late 20s and 30s lay the groundwork for a secure financial future. For Chris, the ultimate validation comes from clients who express confidence knowing their finances are in capable hands.


When Chris is not in the office, he dedicates his time to mastering the modern forehand and refining his tennis skills.

Chris Tennis Forehand.jpg

Education & Experience

After completing an undergraduate degree in business-economics and earning an MBA in Paris, France, Chris Lowe gained invaluable experience at some of Wall Street’s largest firms, including Chase Manhattan, Citigroup, Smith Barney, and Morgan Stanley. In 2003, he obtained the Certified Financial PlannerTM or CFP® designation, broadening his expertise beyond investing to encompass areas such as retirement and income planning, estate planning, tax planning, insurance, and risk management.

In 2013, Chris embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by founding his own firm, CWL Wealth Management, now operating under the name Red Envelope Wealth Management.

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“I wish you good health, good luck, happiness and prosperity.”

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